When playing Call of Duty ghost, and the Kinect is on, I hear the little sound after every sentence I complete. Its like the Kinect is trying to do something I don't want it to. Is there any way to get this sound to go away ? It's like a POP! The sound  wen the Kinect didn't hear u or can't do something. 


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say xbox stop listening maybe. Or unplug your Kinect, or turn it off in the settings menu on the dashboard. Any of these should work.

Do any of you use the Kinect as a mic? I have my Turtlebeach headset on my Xbone for audio, but as there is no mic adapters out yet, I can NOT chat, but I have heard you can chat using the Kinect.

I use Kinect as a mic for Ghosts but it has very big limitations. The Kinect in general has a setting that allows it to pick up your voice and use it as a mic if no mic is plugged in. This works on several games but not Ghosts. Ghosts does not recognize the Xbones mic and will not try to use it. So you can use the mic to chat, but only if you are in a party. You can host a party switch to game chat and nothing will happen, it will not recognize the mic. But if you stick with party chat in a gamemode that allows you to play with party chat, then you can chat with your party, but you will never be able to chat with the lobby using the Kinect in Ghosts, at least as of now and the current updates.


So there you have it, Use the Kinect for friends in a party, but no Kinect for game chat in ghosts. So looking forward to the adapter when it comes out for my headset.

Can I wear my TBs and plug the Xbone default headset into my controller and wear it around my neck for the mic only?

Yes you can Mitchell, but you won't like what happens. I had this argument with forum members a while back and was understood by most but called a moron by others.


The xbone does not have the feature the 360 used to have. On the 360 in the sound settings, you could set voice to play through speakers and headset. This meant, the headset, being the one Microsoft provided and the speakers being your turtles as they plugged in through a USB and optical out cable and recognized as speakers. Xbone removed this feature. Maybe it is to get people to buy a new headset, or give the Microsoft headset a try, or maybe they just forgot it like half of the other stuff in the UI. Regardless it is no longer there.


What this means is if you plug in the mic to the controller, it will recognize a mic is plugged in, and take the voices away from the speakers, AKA, your turtles. So you could chat away, you just have a one sided conversation going. I was hoping to do the same thing, but it doesn't work.


A ton of people have spliced the xbox one headset with a 2.5mm adapter. it is hit or miss it seems. some headsets it works great for and others not so much. I tried it with a 2.5mm cable vs adapter, twisted the wires, heat wrapped them, got a friend online in party chat, tried to plug in the mic and had him text me for the love of pete to shut it off and the sound was like a jet engine. It didn't work. I know enough about electronics that I had the wires right but something went wrong and the 2.5mm cable didn't work like it should have. Anyway, so to say that, you can try if you like but it may not work how you want.

I guess Ill wait for an adapter. Too much background noise in my house to use the Kinect and I am not cutting on my TBs, LOL.