Kinect why not??

What about a DBZ kinex game where you can do everything from flying with a single body movement to deflecting a blast,powering up,fighting with your hole body,and of cores doing the stance for your favorite power moves like the Kameyha. Fighting like a FPS could have hit indicators and or block indicators. Moving could be as simple as moving! Grabs just get close and grab and or grab brake. I fill that its hear in front of us and its being treated as a kids toy with no progression and if any slowly. The voice commands are only being utilized for on off next play and open! Why no Navy seal hand signals for FPS being able to actually throw your grenades or even rolling/underhand  one. A hole new world of melee attacks with wepons be a gun or a sword.You could do so much using the wonderful kinect tool and little words like Reload, reloading ,weapon one ,secondary, alternate ,backup switch ,take cover hold potion, advance. We can custimize our hole world with a touch of a button. Like going to our options and changing our button layout why not our voice layout/commands instead? I could continue. But someone needs to start!


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This is a great post. Everything I've seen for Kinect has been good for the types of games offered. Voice commands were talked about but, only presented (really) in the Kinect hub. Family, kids, and fitness are all good genres. We need more for the core gamers that crave this type of interaction.  The things we all dreamed about while waiting for this to come out.  I'd love to be able to play CoD, Halo, or Battlefield this way.  There would be no competition if any of this could be a reality.  

Glad I'm not the only one who fills this way Xbox if you need ideas my head is like Santa clause's bag at Christmas.