Kinect Sports Season 3/4!

This is the offical thread/form of Kinect Sports Season 3/4. How many slashes have I done already? THREE? (Two not counting the title).

So, anyways, I'm a HUGE fan of the first Kinect Sports. I recently wanted to exercise more, and Kinect Sports has helped me in so many different ways (thanks to the mini-games). So I am going to post every bit of detail I have thought of.

So, there's going to be six new sports. Eight-Ball Pool, Dodgeball, Ice Hockey, Surfing, Archery and Horse-Back Riding. (No Basketball, becuase that was an add-on for the second game). I wanted a unique sport to throw in there that most other sports games don't have, but I'm not too sure about the descision. I need comments, peeps!

These are the minigames I thought should be implamented. Whoops, I spelt implemented wrong, and I'm too lazy to change it the way it's spelt. Anyways . . .

There are two minigames for each sport. In your comment/post (another slash!) please post a third minigame, but no more than ONE minigame. The two minigames for Eight-Ball Pool are . . . Hole-In-One and Top Spin Fury! Please, guys, change the names! Anyways, Hole-In-One is a game where you get as many balls in the hole as you can before time runs out. (Heh heh, that sounded wrong). Top Spin Fury is based off of a move I made up for pool, where if you hit your ball extra hard it catches on FIRE and spins around as it moves. You have to get as many top spin(s) as you can before finally you mess up and can't do anymore.

In Dodgeball, there's Super Catcher and Super Dodger. In Super Catcher, you catch as many balls as you can before one hits you, and in Super Dodger, dodge as many balls as you can before your three lives run out!

In Ice Hockey, there's Super Striker and Super Saver (rip offs of the soccer minigames, give it another title if you will). In Super Striker, you shoot as many pucks in the goal as you can before your three lives run out. Each time the goalee stops your puck from going in it costs you a life (horrible speeling on goalie. Once again, LAZY). In Super Saver, stop as many pucks as you can from going into the goal.

In Surfing, there's Obsta-Dodger and Wave Dodge. In Obsta-Dodger, you have to dodge obstacles such as whales, sharks, boats and random tsunamis. In Wave Dodge, just dodge every wave that comes your way.

In Archery, there's Accurate Archer (almost was Accurate Attack. Which is better name?) and Fire Arrow! In Accurate Archer, you have to score as many one-hundred percents as you can. Fire Arrow introduces the Fire Arrow move to Archery. Getting a score of over twenty in this minigame earns you an achivement and the fire powered arrow in Archery. Like the idea? In the minigame, you must succesfully split every arrow that is already on the targets. Using the fire arrow makes it easier to split.

In Horse-Back Riding, there's Horse Hurdles and Rapid Hoover. In Horse Hurdles, you must ride your horse to victory while jumping over hurdles in an intense race. This was made a minigame because in the main event, there is no hurdles. In Rapid Hoover, you must ride your horse to victory in a normal race . . . with rest stops. When your horse makes it to a green space, you can rest, but as soon as he's back on the dirt you better start moving again!

I also think there should be add-ons that add upgraded versions of past sports into your game. I'd really like to see you running the soccer ball up the field, juking in football and adding better controls/game operations into Baseball. (ANOTHER SLASH!)

And, for your entertainment, count the amount of slashes I type here.


That's easy! There are 167! (Is there? Tell me in your comment!)


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For some strange reason, I found your post amusing.


[quote user="brandiesel1"]

For some strange reason, I found your post amusing.

[/quote] It does have Kinect in the title. ;D

I just decided that Horse-Back Riding shouldn't be in the game. At first I decided to add Lacrosse, but then Rugby stole the show, and Lacrosse shall be an add-on for another Challenge Mode. Eh?