Kinect more accurate now than at launch

Apparantly, Kinect has been improving without me even realizing. Eurogamer interviewd the Senior Product Manager at Microsoft about Kinect and its future. Heres the origanal article.

Microsoft says there working on stuff for the kinect 2 years in advance...... WHAT COULD IT BE!?!?!?! Looks like Kinect isnt going away anytime soon.


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I really enjoy the kinect as just another option to HOW I enjoy my console with friends... So far we've had some fun with games like Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures.

That being said, my gf and I tried out "Wipeout: In The Zone" for Kinect last night. It was definitely fun, but the movements don't respond as nicely as you would like. The fact is, that whether in real life, or in the video game, Wipeout is an obstacle course and requires agility and stamina to keep from ...well... wiping out.


But the Kinect sensor still has trouble reading movements as fast as some of us can do them. For example, there is a part where you are supposed to jump over a spinning bar, and then immediately duck under another. I am more than capable of doing this, but whenever I would duck, much of the time it wouldn't recognize the action on the game.


So while I like what they've done so far, I definitely hope they do something to improve it for the future.

and yet judging by the E3 videos and whatnot it's still a laggy mess with poor control interfaces. the only thing i've ever been even remotely interested in is that avatar thing that makes your avatar look like you, and that was a "hm", and i doubt it'll work as well as people think it will.


i'm not "hating" on kinect, i would gladly pick one up if they showed just one game that could possibly hold my interest, but as it stands it's just a gimmick that microsoft is putting all it's eggs in and leaving it's original audience in the dust without so much as a "how do you do."