Kinect FunLabs Freezing

Why is Kinect Fun Labs Freezing?

I have seen enough people discussing this issue around the net so I know that I am not alone. Does anyone know if and what they are doing to address this problem?

It sucks that all day long through Facebook that I get bombarded on my wall with posts about the new Avatar Kinect, but yet I can't even enjoy it because of the incessant  freezing issue.

All my other Kinect games work absolutely fine.


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clear ur cache on ur hdd just like lost said  or maybe funlabs are in beta form

Interesting.  Where do I find the settings to make sure I have them on?

I am having the same problem and clearing the cache did nothing for it!

I am having the same problem as are most of my friends.  We have been just getting the games to start using the launch function rather than open fun labs.  It works, but the only bummer is you can not see your friends sharelists.  

Same here.  Clearing cache didn't work.  That's what xbox support suggested.  Ugh.

If you are finding any Game (not just one particular Game) begins to Lock-up or "freeze", try clearing the Cache. It could simply be a Corrupt Partition File where it is stored on the Cache.

I was having the same problem yesterday. Make sure all of your Kinect settings are on, including the mic. That's how I got it to work.

I am having the same problem