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i have notice that the last 2 kinect fun labs apps have been pay for and i understand the reasons that have been gioven as to why they are. however i was wondering why they would appear to be just about the only thing on the xbox live service that does not have a trial or a demo perhaps 2 goes would be good. i hope there is some one out there who can answer my question   


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they give you the first taste for free . . . .

there is no demo for these apps because thats what the apps are-a demo for what kinect can do.if there was a demo for these apps you wouldnt pay for the full app because everything you can do in the app you can do for free in the demo.

Watch a youtube video would be my best advice. You get to see others use it and determine if it is worth it. What doesnt have a youtube video these days??

no it does not at least it didnt with sparkler

if it was 1 or 2 5minute goes  then i would be prepared to buy if it were fun but as it is i will not and i imagine plenty of other folk feel the same