Kinect and the new Xbox update issues?

Curious if anyone else is having issues with the Kinect since the update?  My Kinect frequently stops working and resets during a workout and I no longer can set the green floor location in the menu either.  Tried doing the hard reset etc... and still having kinect issues.  Maybe a defective kinect, but it's only happened since the update doing the reset during a workout, so thought I'd poll.



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Happens to me too, but I'm not sure we're having the same issue. Since the new Xbox experience update kinekt was actually working better than ever, but since the last update on Xbox fitness, it shuts down during workout. Fortunately this doesn't prevent me from keep working out, just messes up my points. Annoying, but I can live with it. I think it's software related, though, so we should hang in there.

The fact that your kinekt doesn't ask during set up to see what's floor and what's you for me means it's already correctly adjusted (happens to me too).