Kinect and Fable - Isn't it funny?

Let's face it, Fable is an overhyped piece of crap.  And it's losing ground.  Peter is having a hard time putting more and more adventures together, and gamers are starting to realize that this <sarcasm> HUGE </sarcasm> world doesn't actually have unlimited possibilities.  Is it a terrible game?  Not really.  But it's certainly not as good as Peter says it is.

Isn't it funny that the ONLY triple-A title fully converting to Kinect is FABLE?  I mean, Fable's about to bite it.  So they jump on board.  No other big name wants to risk it.  So let me ask you, with that being said, what makes you think that Kinect is going to go big ANYTIME soon?  Nobody's going to risk the time, production, and money on this crap.  

Sure, new hardware usually starts off slow... but if you think you're going to see major titles for Kinect in the future, then you're either still in denial... or you're a cat person.


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Your movies are rubbish, but so is Kinect.

Eh, I was the only celebrity available at the time.

Fable isn't that bad of a game. It's pretty good, nowhere near the "crap" level. The only reason it's "overhyped" is because Peter Molyneux is the only one who overhypes it.

Kinect is a good piece of hardware too. Then again: Don't like it? Don't buy it.


And what's wrong with being a cat person? I like cats. Cats are cool. I wish I was a cat person. Stupid allergies.

Fable is pretty good, dunno what is wrong here.

Kinect and Fable... eh, sure. Kinect and Black & White? Hell yeah!

Make it happen, Molyneux! These are a match made in heaven, what are you waiting for? Lionhead to fade into a second-rate developer like Rare?