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Well, I have been Piston Crazy recently, so I built an awesome revolving lighthouse! Awesome right? Only thing is that it LAGS soooo much! Not only does the structure itself lag, but it also make me lag somewhat, along with other people in my game! Has anyone else experienced this? I had to turn it off for now, because of all the lag!


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I guess the MORE you build, the MORE the lag. I've got a good world but two of my friends have said they're lagging while with other friends it's fine. Once you've started a world, your stuck with that server unless you choose to build another. You could also make sure you have a fast wireless broadband modem and good ISP. That might help.

I built a revolving lighthouse also. It doesn't lag my world itself or to my 3 friends that I showed it to yesterday. The piston does lag a tad but I didn't see no harm of one piston not closing every 10 or so cycles.

Though if I let it run for a while it seems to freeze my xbox. About maybe 10-20 minutes when I'm near it though the autosave starting up could be my problem. I don't have any other running projects nearby so that could be why if you have a clock/running project.

I made the one found here for reference:

since I'm not creative/smart enough to build one by myself.

If my friends and my world doesn't crash or lock up on our old style xboxa then I tend to think the people that are having issues must have really.... Really bad connections.

Welcome to the wonderful world of SMP Minecraft.

I built the same lighthouse @Evil Jeremy, though I don't know why it lags so much. It is on an island with nothing else on it. Guess I'll have to live with it lol. And my connection is fine, I got high speeds and never get disconnected.

dosent lag on mine either. at all.

I have three blocks all stacked directly on top of each other and I have absolutely no lag on single player.

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dosent lag on mine either. at all.


Ditto. Only lag is from a host's connection messing up.