Killstreak kill question

Does anyone know the point values for taking down the various killstreaks? What Im getting at is what will give me more points. Playing Search (which im good in) or another objective mode where streaks are more available to supplement my score? Just an averaging guess is fine.


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    Dont know the points for taking down killstreaks, but I always avoid snd for gaining points. I'm not a bad player, but not the best either, and snd is a gamble. you can earn a lot of points, or very few.

    I would rather dom or dem where I can make lots of caps/plants lots of offense or defense medals, along with kills and taking down killstreaks.  

    I also use a lot of nova gas. Chuck it around randomly and you get a lot of assists out of it, even if you dont get the kill.

A.T.O.G:  That is a pretty good idea with the Nova Gas.  I might have to try it.  I probably play 200 S&D for every 1 other game type, but I'm slowly transitioning back over, haha.

To the original poster:  I am not sure what your goal is, taking down killstreaks or gaining points???

Obviously, S&D, if you're consistently good, can rake in some points.  If your goal is to destroy killstreaks, then I would play Ground War or Domination.

I dont know the exact point value, but its usually 2 or 3 times the points of a kill.

isnt it usually like a 1000 points for spy planes etc on search?

Spy planes are worth +400 points....scrapping a chopper is worth +1000 points.  Assists are worth +600, but I could be wrong.  


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Ok, im going to look for a page and link. Im just trying to find a way to be efficient and quick with gaining pts and xp. I know that Im pretty good at search and if I had to guess Id say I average about 7-9000 xp per game. HQ gives good points but maybe Dom would be better?

Do you care if it's hardcore or core  if you don't care and are just trying to get points play Domination and try to capture flags , plus there is always stuff to shoot down. If you want to stick to hardcore, umfortunattly since we don't get much of a choice, HQ for sure.

I'm pretty sure xxdeltabravoxx got the points for killstreaks right.

I am not sure about hardcore mode since I don't play it often but scrapping a Spy Plane or Counter Spy Plane is only 150, the care package chopper is 400 and a Chopper Gunner/Hind is 500. Not sure about the Attack Chopper but it is 4 or 500 as well.

If you run a pure anti air class you can rack up a lot of points in objective games for sure. If your a really good SnD player though you will still level up faster. One problem with playing SnD so much though is you don't get all the challenges done that other objectives games allow you to get a lot faster.

@Stabyoface, I prefer hardcore, but I will play core if the points are worth it. But like Shawcross mentioned and I suspected, I may still get more points playing search. Thing with that are the killstreaks arent as prevalent and as he also mentioned..kinda light on the challenges side. Hmm Hmm dilemmas dilemmas

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