Killing Time - Fable III Co-op

I am killing time for seals and $. (365 days to go) I can help open Mistpeak Demon Door if needed. *Helps if you have not done the **** yet. I noticed that the legendary weapons have not been available after but that might be coincidence. No Evil characters please.


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ik its a little late, but if you want im totally down for some co-op action. hit me up when your available.

Add me to the list, I have been hooked on this game and co-op sounds fun!

I'm down too.

Thanks for trying to play with me.  I don't have the DLC, that was weird that we couldn't connect, thanks anyway.

im up 4 it

add me anytime

no evil characters?fine but you should know the most fun of the game is just *** around the townfolks with fire.....and wind

Hello, thanks for the friend requests.  If you send a game request and I don't respond, then I'm probably away from the console.

Same here.......My second game I just finished the wheel of fisfortune with page.....getting ready to head to Aurora............My main game aside from DSL is pretty much my hang out game.