Killing the Hellkite Dragon

Firstly you will need 16 Strength and 10 Dexterity, the short bow (bought from merchant in Undead

Burg) and around 35-45 arrows to obtain the Drake sword and kill this beast. Once you have made

it to the half way stairs on the Upper Section of  the Undead Burg bridge head down and knock the

stairs down to the bonfire shortcut. Then head to the underside of the bridge and shoot the dragons

tail until you get the drake sword. You should now have the Sword and you bow equipped. Now head

back up the stairs to the bridge BUT DO NOT STEP ONTO THE MAIN BRIDGE PATH just stay at the

top of the stairs whip out your bow and shoot the dragon in the face. As he jumps down onto the bridge

infront of you equip your newly acquired Drake sword (one handed) and hit him once in the face again

with the strong attack dealing roughly 180-195HP. Now make a swift exit down to the bottom of the stairs

(so that if he breaths fire it wont hit you, rolling down also helps). After he finished stropping around like a

little beech for a while he will fly back up to his perch and you can now rinse and repeat this method (relatively

quickly) so he has no time to heal until your 10,000 souls better off!


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Will try this method later. Thanks.

Or, you can go under the bridge where he is, past the rats and up the tower with the Black Knight, kill him and you can see the dragon, take aim and fire an arrow, if it htis the dragon it will drop through the bridge and die, one arrow, 10k souls!

I have a feeling killing the Black Knight will be harder than trying to kill Hellkite.

Cant do Mexicolas method anymore unfortunately, they patched that, it was a glitch. I did it my first game, and tried to do it again to no avail. They patched it in

Patched it? When did they drop a patch for the game?

Must have been just the Xbox version.  I did this yesterday on PS3.  One kill.  You can tell it's some sort of glitch though...he just kind of vanishes, and all sound disappears.  Then 30 seconds later, a roar and rush of souls being awarded.  Very weird.  But whatever.  I'll take it.

Black knights aren't that hard to fight. AT least for my character. They have lots of tells and they just have long fights.

I tried killing the one near Hellkite but he just killed me everytime. As for the method of killing Hellkite it didn't work for me. Is there a Youtube video or something?

If you can't see the Dragon from the tower, beat the Butterfly boss in the forest and then look again. He WILL be there. I've done this on 3 other characters.

Ill check this out A7X, thanks

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