Killer Instinct

I think its wrong to call it a free game. It should be called a demo. You get one character, no achievements, no leaderboard unless you buy another character. This is similar to the model for demos for the last few years. I know microtransactions are becoming more prevalent, but I think you should be able to access the content by playing. Make it so it takes a while, millions of xp or whatever, but not pay only.

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Agreed. It's nothing more than a glorified DEMO. I absolutely hate microtransactions and will delete Killer Instinct into oblivion.

Or you can purchase the game for around £20 and you have a full game.

It's more than a demo, you can play several modes.

For my part, I bought the whole game plus the remaining characters and love it!

Yeah but previous free games didn't hide achievements and leaderboards away. Previous demos DID. If you got an achievement on a demo it would give a prompt to pay for the full game.

So what don't like it don't use it. If you like and want the full game its available at a very fair price.

I just bought the Ultimate Edition. It was cheap and I wasn't stuck playing the "free" portion.


I'm happy with it.

Agreed, if you don't like the present offering, just move on.

OP, I too thought the complete game would be free, but the price is not too bad if you really want it.

its worth every penny

OP: I'm disapointed,you can do better as a troll....Use your imagination and get something new....Killer Instint was release a month ago....And everything about the game was known months ago....Go play Driver Club (Oouuups!).