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every time I show this game to new people they instantly bash on the roster.  At 1st there was only 6 (7 if you have Shadow Jago) which is very little.  The only other game that I remember having only 6 characters was Street Fighter 2 The World Warriors.  Nobody complained back then!!!  We are about to update to a total of 8 and I think that's great!  honestly when I play games such as Mortal Kombat (latest console version) I pick maybe 5 out of the total 27.  At least with Killer Instinct I can master the short roster of characters.  Anyone feel this way?


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yeah i absolutely dont mind about the small cast. It makes the game extremely balanced and there isn't any copies (except for Shadow Jago obviously...)

I was a big SSFIV fan and i only used Dudley and Cammy. I gotta be honest i do hate seeing tons and tons of Jago's online around my rank but that's a minor annoyance. The size of a fighting games roster shouldn't determine quality. If you're basing your interest on the roster size i don't think fighting games are really your thing any way. No harm in having more though obviously!

Street Fighter World Warrior had 8 characters, I think as soon as season 2 comes along more people will be interested

Nowadays people tend to be spoiled by a lot of things. One thing you can argue is that even though the cast is small right now, it's far more balanced then any other fighting game. And the roster's going to grow to. So there isn't a reason to give the game a shot.

The small cast was all they could do.

I want Riptor for season 2.

But they can always improve it.

To most, more automatically means better so it's no surprise people make fun of the small cast (my brother included).

With the small cast I am able to focus on each character more. I'm not a fighting games expert or pro but the games I did play (Street Fighter & MK) I would only use 2 characters for each game. Sure I would go through all of them just to see each of their special moves/finishing moves but I would only use 1 faithfully while the 2nd was usually a character I liked but couldn't get good with. I guess I always felt overwhelmed in a way. Too many characters how could I possibly use them all, not only that how could I get good with them?

Now with KI, I feel at ease lol. I honestly got to try each characters and then stick with the 3 I like while still having a understanding of the rest of the roster. Another thing for me is I forget things quick. So trying to use a bunch of different characters messing with my gameplay :) Sorry for the long post but I really do like the smaller roster and don't think there's anything wrong with it especially since they will be adding more anyway.

To be honest KI has been absent for better part of 20 years. This for many is their first shot at it, bare in mind there have been many other games over the years with higher rosters. I like that it started with a small amount so it can be re-introduced to a larger audience while allowing it to be easier to learn.

As a newbie this is a very friendly game, awesome dojo mode etc. As a beginner to the franchise I could see how 20+ characters on a fairly unknown game with a small fan following would be difficult to learn the matchups. They started it the right way IMO.

Small roster because of the following:

  • Time contraints: Double Helix had only used Hex Engine a few months before the June 2013 E3 reveal.  Netherrealm developed Mortal Kombat 2011 for 3 years.
  • New team: Double Helix built this game from the ground up without any base established.
  • Quality vs. Quantity: Double Helix would rather release worthwhile characters with balance instead of 15-20 characters of half the quality and riddled with character/game breaking bugs within the time given to develop.  The focus on mechanics and playability reflects this.

I like the fact that Ki is starting with a small roster and using it as a platform to build on, with new characters being released every so often. It gives you something to look forward to and to learn when they do come out.

People rarely play all characters in a game, so I don't know why people moan about the small roster, especially as the price reflects the size of it. People should see it as a good thing IMO as they can get used to all characters and matchups as they come along and it's not too daunting for new players.

I agree with Rolly and GreenHawk said it better then I could in any since. That being the case if you have people bashing the game due to small roster explain that to them. If they refuse to listen then that's there problem because it sounds to me like they might be one of those folks who bash what they don't like without playing the game first.

While I thought having KI having a small roster was one of the negatives for the game, they only had so much time. They are shooting for at least 3 seasons or more anyway. So if a big roster is something somebody is waiting for then just be patient.

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