Killer Instinct keeps erasing

Pretty much prior to my black screen problem with the game, I had another problem with KI. It seems to constantly erase my save data. Sometimes it does it randomly, and sometimes it does it when two profiles are signed in at the same time.


Now I know how to temporarily fix the problem. Sometimes all I have to do is sign out then sign back in, and when that doesn't work I have to restore the console back to it's factory defaults (which I hate).


But I want a permanent fix to this problem. Its annoying having to restore the console because I have to re-download everything. And download speeds (especially for games) aren't very fast.


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That's why i rather manage my HDD and saves and have absolute  control . I had a lot of issues with Rockstar cloud and when i heard about the everything is stored in the cloud to give you unlimited space  on X1 ; i knew that issues like the one you mentioned was going to happen.

It need to be fixing.