Killer Instinct Double Helix to Iron Galaxy

We all know by now that DOUBLE HELIX games has been acquired by AMAZON.COM and IRON GALAXY is taking over development on KILLER INSTINCT.  We know that DH built this game from the ground up.  This is what worries me.  IG has created Dive Kick and remade Dark Stalkers and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition.  The only game that they have made themselves is Dive Kick.  I have confidence in IG, but I am just worried that it wont stay on track with DH's passion and work on KI.  From what I understand is that IG made a visit to DH to get caught up to speed on KI.  I know DH just cant say "here is our game... good luck and have fun"  Rumors floating around the internet is that the Microsoft team is still intact and some DH people are staying with the project.  We will have to wait and see what Iron Galaxy can do by the 1st gameplay/character reveal. please leave your thoughts.  Thank you.


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I think everything will be fine and possibly even better IMO. DH did a great job and I think IG will match/ exceed that. I think Killer Instinct is a big exclusive for MS as well so I think they will be working hard on keeping this game strong for the future of the franchise.

IG has been saying they are passionate like DH was and they will do their best to continue the direction DH started in.  I think one of their goals is to be as seamless as possible but I know switching artists could make it noticable.  I hope *** Gordon stays for music.

One has to remember that KI was Rare's first fighting game and we all know how awesome it was/is. Likewise DH did a fantastic job bringing the franchise back when so many had doubted them. In that same vein I'm reserving my judgment on the IG team until I see something that they have created for the game (a character or a stage)

Just like we had faith in DH we would need to give the same benefit of the doubt to Iron Galaxy :)

I agree, that other then dive kick they didn't make any of those other games.

For me however none of that will count so IG starts a clean slate.

They do seem like they're very passionate about the game but I feel that we shouldn't judge anything from them until we see something KI related.

I saw a youtube video my maximillian dood that gave some hope to this matter.  check it out