Killer Instinct breaking your controller down fast

1st post in years. Hi,fighting games are notorious for broken buttons and thumb sticks ( be the first to say doesn't mine lol ). Mortal Kombat 2011 or MK9 whichever you prefer wasted my controller fast. Now I do like this KI but find  I don't want to wear down my 500 dollar game machine's new controller. Anyone have the same problem or experiences?


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Long time man! But I've been playing TONS of KI and my controller is just fine (just like out the box). It's funny because when I bought MK9 on the 360, the special D-Pad 360 controller they came out with broke within two/ three weeks but this X1 controller.... NO ISSUE :)

I've definitely put in my fair share of time on KI and haven't had any controller issues thus far.

Crimson Dragon and Forza 5 is doing this faster for me than Killer Instinct.

Hey tCruzin whats up buddy. Really enjoying this. wish they hurry up with spinal. I do try to play this lightly though i am tough on my controllers with fighting games. I further broke my controller with injustice haha