Killer Instinct - A little worried

I fear the worst for this game I am sorry to say. After the move that Amazon has made in terms of buying Double Helix. I see this game going downhill and slowly dying out which I honestly would not want to see happen. The last and final character "Fulgore" is said to be released this month which most likely  Double Helix will probably pull another spinal on KI fans and have Fulgore released on the last day of the month. Also I heard a arcade mode (story mode) will come along with it. This is cool but honestly all original KI characters should have been available upon release of the game to me but it's whatever. There are still some remaining characters that were left behind and not brought up into the game such as Riptor,  T.J COMBO, and my personal favorite who I was waiting for right after fulgore CINDER. These other characters really do need to be brought out and as for two of the characters that are available such as retro jago and retro sabrewulf. These characters need to be fixed up a bit in my opinion retro sabrewulf looks horrible and retro jago's clothes needs to be touched up a bit. This game needs more add on or this game is going to die out quick (in my opinion) and I seriously hope that Microsoft is working on getting these issues addressed because I have been a long KI fan since forever and was really excited to see this game revived and it would be a shame to have all that hype given to KI fans as though it was just for 5 minutes of fame. Please do whatever needs to be done to continue to make this game a success that it always was. ^__^


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MS has already stated they will continue to support the game. I just hope any characters they put out are up too snuff.

I'm sure they will.  Its still incredibly popular.

I'm still waiting on a "complete edition" to come out once they release all the characters and stuff :p

This game has been a disappointment to me.

Before it was released I wasn't going to touch it with a 10 foot pole and stand by my statement that an App Store Marketplace game like this has no place on a £400.00+ console.

The most disappointing part of all?  It's actually a good game.

They gave me a code to unlock the basic character set just before launch so I gave it a go and was really surprised at how well put together it is and what a technically accomplished fighter it is as well.

But selling the game in 'bits' has just spoiled it.

Thankfully there's tons of other stuff to play on the ONE and hopefully the "Killer Instinct Experiment" falls flat on it's face and Microsoft throw this kind of rubbish partial game model away.

I'm definitely not a fan of selling it in bits.  It should be Demo to Full Title.  I was at a party and they had a private grudge match from two world leading MLG Street Fighter players who were there in attendance.   They just spammed the same move.  I felt like they were good because they never missed a button sequence but the fighting itself wasn't all that impressive.  Not their fault per say but the game mechanic just doesn't allow for things like Combo's, breakers, counters, throws and all the technical stuff that you can do in KI.  I would love to see some MLG pro's go at it in KI.

I liken it to more of a Jackie Chan fight instead of Karate Kid.

Am I reading that wrong or did you put Jackie Chan lower than Karate Kid?