Killer Instinct 3 for next gen Xbox, Perhaps?

Old school Arcade players and Nintendo players know what the heck I'm talking about.  What do you think about KI3 for the next gen Xbox?  Think about it, Rare brought back "Perfect Dark" for this gen on 360. Why not bring back 90'**** classic Killer Instinct for the next gen console?  MS should even make HD remixes for KI 1 & 2 for Xbox 360 Arcade to see how sales do, and get a wide audience back up again. It probably out-sale Viva Pinata? Just saying. =P


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I'd rather a new Killer Instinct done as an Arcade Title. I don't really think there is much room for retail fighters anymore. Especially one like Killer Instinct, where only hardcore gamers or Rare fans would recognize the name.


Viva Pinata would probably outsell Killer Instinct. If anyone would go after a hardcore fighter or a gore fighter. They'd go with the very well known and established titles like Mortal Kombat or even Street Fighter. Viva Pinata appeals to a different audience aka kids, and kids games sell very well. On top of Viva Pinata being part of a genre that isn't exactly....well lets say that genre is not pumping out very many games, I think we could count all of them released on the Xbox 360 with one hand and still have spare given that it's one of the ONLY titles on the market, it's likely to sell more copies since there are not really any other options for the fans of the genre.