kill streaks

whats the best way to get the achievments as i get to 4 kills then get taken out either by zombie or the other team lol


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legit i say build up the characters and weapons before stressing on trying to get the killstreaks. i was able to get 10 really fast after building spectre up and winning the race for the GL.........................................    or you boost

lol kill streaks are easy. I don't think I've ever played a match yet without AT LEAST getting a 5 kill streak.... My record is 17 or something, at 15 it gives you like +500 score lol So I'm trying to get it to 20 cuz it might be +1000 score, but is probably +750. Basically it's an easy achievement, just kill people before they kill you. Basically don't be bad.

I suggest looking for the flamethrower or grenade launcher, their overpowered but can net you kills easily.

The good thing about the flamethrower is that it can restock ammo from ammo boxes, while the launcher cannot. Use the Assault class as their the strongest.