Kill Stealing....

Oh I love the people who actually watch you down a person just to go in and kick/shoot him to get the kill.... I wish  the game would just give the point to the person who downed him or done the most damage to the enemy...


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To let you know, if you down the opponent and the kill is stolen you still get most of the point for downing him. My friend stole one of my kills and got 10 points when i got around 100 for downing him.

I've got 84 Stay Down medals  No big deal.   I think it's good bots go towards your K/D ratio to stop people complaining about kill staling.  One round of bots, back up.

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Wait...wait..wait. Epic put in a medal to promote kill stealing? While at the same time putting in all these executions that require you to get close to your downed foe? Where is the logic in that?

[/quote]Yeah, that's EXACTLY what I said.  Wipe the tears out of your eyes so you can read what I typed.

[/quote]Because I truly went into a teary whiny rant about kill stealing....

Like I said why add all these new finisher moves if you can't pull them off half the time because someone is firing at your down. They tell you who downed who for that very reason in Gow2 as it was a complaint in Gow1, even though usually people were respectful enough NOT to take your down back then. I understand that it is a team game and I understand accidents/he is about to get back up let me finish him off before he becomes a threat. What I don't understand is wasting a Boomshot/Frag on one downed foe because your that desperate for the kill, which people have done numerous times.

One thing that I have noticed is that in Gears 1 people didn't steal kills that much, but ever since the COD and Halo players have been drawn into Gears my kills get stolen all the time.

My biggest problem with kill stealing is that usually there are other enemies shooting at us, yet my teammates would rather shoot the guy I downed and let the other enemies kill us.

LOL. Happens to me all the time. All you can do it just deal. Or follow them around and wait for them to down someone and steal one back.

You could just shoot them before they go in and kick them.

Yeah, I really don't care when people kill steal, I have a 2.2 KD and a 2.4 W/L( I found this out today when I saw this thread :\ )

My philosophy is to try and kill anything that moves until we weed them down to that final downed player(s). From there I don't worry about the match and the player that downed them can do whatever they want to the player. I can almost guarantee that everyone in this thread has stolen kills, whether on purpose or accident, with good intentions or selfish ones. In this game you can get juiced (killed/'sploded/shottied) before you even walk up to your downed target, and I'd rather have people up and fighting than down because they were distracted by an opponent on their knees.

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Lol, if someone does that then they only get 10 points.  You get the rest.  Not only that, but you also get a point towards your assist medal.  Dumb kids don't even realize that .

[/quote]except when talking about medals, getting one of the idk like 50,000 kills with specific weapons that you need is much, much more important than one of the i believe mere 5k assists that you need.

[/quote]There is no excuse for someone trying to work towards weapon specific medals. 


i believe that's why they were put in the game, surely naht everyone wants to boost them lol.

It's not really kill stealing since people can tap A and get back into the fight. If this was Gears 2or1 then it would be kill stealng. So many times someone backs off on the kill because they didn't down him and  then both people get killed and and the downed guy gets back up.

Also they didn't do what CoD did because your are a team not a lone wolf which means sometimes u share the kill to win the game.

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