Kill Comfirmed

does anyone else find themselves running over to get a dog tag even when not playing kill comfirmed?

I always find myself doing this now haha


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Lol, nah.  I pretty much know what game mode I'm playing.  

i do this when playing mercenary hahaha cause its a mixture of both regular deathmatch and kill confirmed

yep been doing that every match at least once it seems like and when i do it my brain automatically is like "dude, its domination stop trying to confirm your kills"

Yes, I mentioned this last night to my friends, we spent about an hour or more playing kill confirmed then went on to Mosh Pit. And YES almost every time I killed someone I was looking for their dog It was annoying at one point.

lmao happened to me once, but most of the time i know what game mode im playing

I do the opposite sometimes.

I forget that it's not team death match, and I forget to collect the tags.

I have over 1,000 confirms, and yes, it is habit now. Lol

Yes...COD 4 taught me not to go pick up guns because of martydom.  Now kill confirmed has got me diving on bodies in TDM.  I can't wait until noobs start using martydom in kill confirmed.