Kill Cams/Game Winning Kill Cams

I was playing the other day and in ONE game they showed a game winning kill cam

so are they in the game, and only in certain types, or did they put it in for a little bit then take it back out?


And also, I switch up game modes alot so I'm not sure which games I have been in that show a kill cam everytime you die and which don't

Does anyone know

1. Which modes use a kill cam for every death

2. Which modes show the final kill to everyone?


Thank you


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Seems random when they decide to show them. Pretty sure only slayer gametypes show final kills though, considering objectives don't generally need final kills to win.

Excellent question.  I noticed it in different playlists and it is indeed random. Over the weekend it was in Team Slayer. Now I dont see it in there anymore.  Its random.  I want to see if the autosentry shows up in the kill cam. 

I didn't see them in Big Team Slayer I've only noticed it in 4 vs 4 Team Slayer.  I still haven't played Oddball or Flood so I don't know about those gametypes. The final kill cam that is. As for every kill that seems to be in Big Team.

At least it isn't as bad as Black Ops 2. They always show a game winning kill cam, even when it's an objective mode. The kill they show doesn't even matter and it's stupid, they're trying to please the KDR ***.

hmmm, I'm too busy mashing "X" trying to get back in the game.....

I'll only take a few seconds to look at the kill cam to see where the camping sniper is.  I get a lot of revenge kills that way lol.