i have been playing battlefield 3 for quite some time and i'am 1 of the very few who does not cheat or hack anything i just play the game and try to win fair and square but when i went on tonight half way through my second game it said kicked from ea game.has anyone else had or have this problem or ever heard of it? i put in black ops and no problems at all so it is not my network connection i even tested it ten times to make sure.anybody got any ideas?


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Disconnect from the servers?  Happens all the time on EA games.

You may not cheat or hack but you do do cocaine.

Lots and lots of cocaine.

You say that and you're fine yet I get banned for two weeks. Mod's be dbags. (means bags of flowers, lots and lots of flowers).

Was the message like kicked by an admin? It is rather different from disconnected from server.

About two weeks late mate.