Kick & Punt Returns

Has anyone else found it quite difficult to do anything on a punt return.  Every punt return I have gotten at the most I could get maybe 10 yards or have to fair catch it all the time.  No one can block properly on punts.  Not with Kick-offs I've been able to return back for touchdown about 3 times.  My average starting position from a kick off is about the 20 yard line.

This year's Madden seems to be difficult with returning Kick-offs and punts.

Any thoughts??


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@Homeland, I get better returns out of punt block too. I dont know how Madden played on 360 for 11 but I am glad they fixed KR.

It is supposed to be hard to return a punt.  KO's its better just to kneel as your average catch puts you around mid end zone and your  lucky to get to the 20.  Most teams are lucky to get one in a season.  Of course there have been exceptions, but the CPU tackles better than humans.

yeah, honestly I feel that punt returns have been busted for a few years now.  I still get a rare kick return TD, but not very often at all.  

the worst part about punt returns is I get better returns from the punt block formation then I do from the punt return.