Khe Sanh Hill - (Please Help)

(Firstly I have searched for help on this on the forums and had no success, mind you, the forums have been changed for the worse)


Anyway, I am doing the Khe Sanh level on Veteran and i am struggling on the section to head down the hill (with the barrels). I have been on it for 6 months (i dont play solo often) and cannot pass it. Im very frustrated with it because it just seems impossible. Any help is very much appreciated. The furthest I have made it, is to the barrels and thats it.




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This section is a pain. Here is how I did it. After running out of the tunnel you will need to wait while there is a little staged part. Then the guys will run down hill. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. Do that and you will be dead 99% of the time. Instead wait at the top. Kill an VC that may try and run up. Then low crawl all the way down to the lower left bunker killing anything you you can see. Clear the bunker kill what you can from the bunker but don't get crazy cause it ain't important. Then low crawl again to the bunker where your guys are. The enemies re spawn so you have to be quick.  Shoot any VC directly to your right in the next bunker then go kick the barrel down and get back to cover. I can't remember how many barrels there areas it has been awhile. But basically you are low crawling, clear, kick barrel, repeat. I hope it helps. Good luck.

Thanks, appreciate the help. Believe it or not I wrote this last night then put my head down and tackled it. Got it after 4 tries. I took my time and went down the right side, went into the ammo post, then came out, shot the 2 near the right barrel then ran down into a bunker, then shot the next two that jumped up to the right barrel, then ran to the barrel, punctured it (threw a couple grenades around first, then jumped back into the bunker, got the checkpoint. After that it was easy to pierce the left barrel and then done. Was very happy!

Glad to hear you knocked it out. This one and the end of the soviet launch site ( I can't remember  the name) were the worst parts to get through. You are home free now :)

Have fun with the tank part of Rebirth Island now.

I wish they made Khe Sanh into a multiplayer map.