Keys to the Depths?

Hi everyone. I'm kind of stuck here. I feel I'm not yet ready to take on the Hydra, and I'm too much of a *** to enter the catacombs (forget going downstairs where the ghosts are!)... So I tried entering the Depths (looks easy enough), but I need a key! Where do I get this key?


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capra demon i think, his white fog door is near the door to the depths.

You get it off the Capra demon. He's in the lower part of the Undead Burg, head over to where you found the sun knight after beating the Tauraus Demon, unlock the door you find in that area, head down the stairs (might be a ladder) and you're in the right place. If you need a bonfire and don't fancy going the long way go up the flight of stairs just on your right after arriving, open up the door and you'll be able to open a shortcut to the bonfire you used for the Tauraus Demon.

That's strange I've killed the Capra demon a while ago though. And I still can't open that damn Depth door!

Ah, never mind! I was going to the wrong door apparently. >:(