Keyboard Support for KI in Future?

I remember reading a while back that they were considering giving Xbox One keyboard support. I expect this meant for aps and the webbrowser and such, but if support is turned on, I'd hope developers thought about offering controls.

I just recently finished building my first gaming PC and downloaded SFIVAE last night and was have been playing around with keyboard control - a keyboard is essentially a cheap (depending on your keyboard) "hitbox" if you calibrate the buttons in a similar way - in some ways I feel it is superior to a stick, or would be once learned.

I am not quite "there yet" in terms of getting the muscle memory down, but have already got down quarter circles, double quarter circles, half circles and dps and it is extremely accurate. Long way to go before I can play instinctively with it, but I can already see it is a superior control method to a pad for an FG. 

IG/MS should consider allowing us to configure USB keyboards for KI.


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lol, why would anyone want to play KI wit a Keyboard lol

For the reasons I mentioned in the OP.

Lol it crazy all the stupid thing people want for this game

I think (hope) you're joking INoTroN?

Keyboard support would not exactly take long to implement, and would basically allow anyone who wanted it to have a budget 'hit box' for their X1.

I'm sure people could debate all day and night about whether a stick or a keyboard/hitbox is better for FG, but I don't see how anyone could fail to see both are technically superior to a pad.

M$ want you buy te2 its for this not have keyboard support