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Where can I find all 3 keys and what to do when I have all 3 I have the plans and 2 keys. Key of destructiin and key of hate 


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Well I found a warden for the first time and killed em and got some key from em. From what I understand, one warden spawns in each act I think.

where do i find the keys

Here is some info that I found on somewhere on the internet that I modified a bit for myself. Hope it helps.

You need to have three stacks of Nephalem Valor for keys to drop. This is the same for organs, when you're taking out the Ubers in the portals. Playing on the highest difficulty you can manage also increases the odds of a key and organ dropping. I play on Master I when key farming, and I'm pleased with drop rate.

Key of Destruction

Odeg the Keywarden is in Fields of Misery in Act 1. The fastest way to gain three stacks in Act 1 is to hit up Festering Woods. Its can spawn multiple elites, 1-2 events, and has 2 dungeons with 1 guaranteed elite/champion in each. Odeg always spawns with the molten effect, and he has a big fireball spell that can do ok damage. Other than that he's pretty easy. Keep in mind that he's a ranged attacker.

Key of Hate

Sokahr the Keywarden spawns in Dahlgur Oasis. The best place imo to farm up stacks is actually the Dalghur Oasis itself. If you find the Keywarden before you have all three stacks, simply run away as he is incredibly slow and cannot catch you - come back when you've gathered the stacks from elsewhere in the Oasis. As for Sokahr himself, Dahlgur Oasis is quite big and he can spawn anywhere in that zone, so having multiple people helps a lot. Sokahr has an electric attack and a whirlwind attack. When he starts whirlwinding, I recommend to back up since that attack hurts a lot. Other than that he's pretty easy.

Key of Terror

Xah'Rith the Keywarden is in Stonefort. To gain stacks in Act 3, I teleport to The Keep 3 waypoint and work my way backwards through Keep 3 until I have three stacks, and then I TP to Stonefort. Xah'Rith is the hardest of the three Keywardens as he teleports around a lot and have a high damage AoE attack. If you are a melee character, it helps a lot if you lure him to one of the many stair cases in the area so he can't run away as easily.

Infernal Machine Blacksmithing Plans

Dropped from Nekarat the Keywarden in Act 4. Luckily, you only have to find this once. Start with The Gardens 2 and work your way through to The Spire. You should have three stacks by the time you get there. This dude can also drop any of the keys, along with the recipe for the portal device.

Well thats weird cause I just started playing Master II but I have 2 keys already. Are the drops random and I don't have any sacks.

From what I've read, three stacks of Neph Valor (from killing champ/rare/elite mobs) are required for keys and organs to drop. I've also read that the following are the drop rates for each difficulty:

Master I - 60%
Master II - 70%
Master III - 80%
Master IV - 90%
Master V - 100%

yeah they are required :)

and @BigBabyBrother... after attempting to farm the key from act 1, those cannot be correct!! inferno Master V, 4 attempts with NV 3, and no key !!

Oh wow, I got a key the very first time I've seen a warden on master 2 inferno with 4 players in the game, I thought it was a regular champion, but something was different about this one here, it had no minions and its was very big, like a last standing avenger.

the act 2 keywarden can be a pain to kill -.-

you can also get a random of any of the three key from the key warden in act IV altho from my experiance he likes to drop keys of desruction the most

I've picked up 5 keys now. Some dropped with 0 stacks. Just FYI.

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