Kenshi DLC Helpful hints

Okay so by now most of you have realized that Kenshi is now FINALLY released to Xbox Live and your about to go DL him either through individual purchaes or the season pass. Here are some helpful tips to make it go smoothly and not go "Hey, i DLed it from the extras tabs in game and its NOT WORKING >:( )

1) Dont launch the game first. Go to the xbox live marketplace and go under add-ons, search for mortal kombat in the A-Z titles (or other ways but it doesnt matter), download the Mortal Kombat Compatibilty Pack 2 or else the Kenshi DLC wont download (it will appear as pending if you dont)

2) After the compatibility pack 2 is downloaded (which by the way, gives no indication to do so within the game, only figured it out by intution from the skarlet DLC)

3) Be patient! Even after you go to download Kenshi with the comp pack 2, it will take a while depending on your area connection. Took about an honest 5-6 minutes even though 87 Mb isnt that much.

4) Play, enjoy, and rant for NRS being 0-2 in DLC convieniency/efficiency...w/e you wanna call it.



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Or, if you have the Season Pass, just start the game up. Wait for the DLC announcement screen to show up and flip over to Kenshi for 0 points. Download.

No Matter, how you download any of the DLC. You will need to download the latest compatibility pack to "unlock" the playable character.

I didnt. I just downloaded him from my season pass and that was it. Kenshi already comes with a compatibility pack.

 BTW you dont "unlock" them only the skins are on the disc everything else you have to download.

I didn't. I just started up MK, downloaded Kenshi when it prompted me he was available for 0 MSP. Waited for the download then played through ladder and sat with him in practice for a bit.