kenshi and rain combos

could someone please post some kenshi and rain combos?


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J2, BACK+2, 1+2 forward dash 2,4, Thunderstorm, J3, enhanced Water-port

Corner J2, BACK+2, 1+2, 4,3 Hydro Bubble(bring them over your head), 2, Geyser Kick, 1,1, Aqua Blast

also you can do the Hydro Boost before combos for added damage

Forward+X, Y, B, dash, B, A, (Enhanced) Geyser Kick, B, A, (Enhanced) Lightning Skrike, B, A, (Enhanced) Aqua Blast... As Burst said you can do the Hydro "Prince" Boost for added damage. The combo done right should come out to about 63%.

Rain is meh. Kenshi is beast.

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Rain is meh. Kenshi is beast.



Opinion. I like Rain much more than Kenshi. My play style suits him better than Kenshi. While Kenshi is okay, he just doesn't have enough for him to keep me interested in playing him.

Opinions are like butts. Everyone has one! ;)