Keeps crashing

Anyone else had this or know the fix? I installed ESO yesterday, and finally got connected to server and played about an hour or so. Then game froze entire console. I shut off console and restarted it. I then launched ESO and got a BIG problem. It gets to the screen with the circle emblem and says "press a to start", When I press a it acts like it's loading for a second then the sound bugs out and the game crashes and goes back to the home. 

I've tried the reinstall the game and it's content 4 times now and still no luck. I've done the blu-ray cache clear and nothing. I have found no way to be able to launch this game again.


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Just glad to hear I'm not the only one with the "frozen console" crash.. happened twice for me today.

every game like this has issues the first week or so! I know it sucks but give it time. they always have unforeseen issues with online games this big! I think once they sort everything out it will be awesome! you may regret returning it!(just my opinion)

Well I had beta tested it on PC and Xbox one . And own it on PC so I already knew what I was getting into. But I did call support and found out how to fix this for anyone else who may have this problem. Do a factory restore to your console.

To access this for those whom don't know how:

Settings>system>restore factory defaults.

Hope this helps someone!

easy fix uninstall game take game back eso is a worthless game even if you loaded in and made your character you will probably get kicked from server and thrown in a que for an hr or 2 or hit a loading screen for 5-30mins. horrible lag gameplay is unbearable.

6 of things happen to me aswell Option A load the game it phases out cant click play have to restart xbox option B: press a when it says start load in launch character stuck on that screen for over an hr or not load at all. Option C: im placed in a queue where it says im position 1 in queue and time wait is one second, now normally it says 1.2mil and phases between 3000-10000people depending how many are trying to get in. Option D: mid play the game phases out as if I quit the game Option F: im playing and it disconnects me unable to load game back up have to hard reset xbox. or Option G: the game freezes whilst playing all perameters are shutdown screen still present have to remove power supply and all sources affiliated with the xbox. IN my observations xbox is 5months old I do not leave it on everyday I run maintenance every week systems smooth. so my assessment is they released this game too early for the console and did not think to increase power severity of their servers nor did they think to split up NA into Midwest eastern and western servers and for ie Europe eastern and western because eastern euros have terrible connections and trash the servers with DDOS failures and bad computing. I like the game though its just a hassel to play best times to start playing 7:30 AM EST - 3PM EST is when the game runs fairly normal and no queue bargaining.

Consider yourself lucky you didn't get it as a digital download. Most worthless $60 I've ever spent.

nothing is resolved on the x1 its been nearly 2 hours of trying to sign in then you do and when your making your character it  kicks you and it starts all over and this has happened 3 times WTF having to start making a character 3 times over is a joke and i am returning my copy to EB games, so then i pass the the first cave part and it disconnects it takes 20 mins to get back in and my character is gone need to create again. DONT BUY THIS GAME its a broken mess even by day 1 MMO standards it is horrible with lag , stuttering , data loss and so much more and thats if you can even get in to a game you spent $60-$120 on . thanks to EB my copy is going back tomorrow for a full refund . yup its disgustin spending cash on this and now i am out the money for the 3000 coins i bought when i bought the game but at least i did not use it so i have the code to trade to a friend thats crazy enough to waste time on this horrible game