Keep the game the way it is

If you are reading this  then you probally have heard this like a million times but keep the game the way it is.People whining about weapons being "overpowered" is getting old.


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Agreed... I love having alternitives to the gnasher.

I guess ... The spawning on team leader (Trenches Map) needs adjustments but that is all I would change.

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i agree keep it the way it is, they fixed the lag and the ghasher is beautiful

Hate to say it but Epic likes to cater to the crybabies so they will mess with this game for years to come.

I would rather save my judgements until the game is actually released before I judge the overall gameplay.

The thing is, the people whining about weapons are the hardcore players.  Right now, Epic is trying to open up the game to a broader audience, so why would they listen to the hardcore players and turn away even more casuals?   They won't.  The SOS and Retro were created specifically to pull in more casual players.  They aren't going to change them. I'm fine with that.