keep tags after the beta

i know everything will be reset after the beta, but I wish we could at least keep the tags we have collected. It has only been a day and a half and already bush wookies are running to the same spots over and over again making for easy knife kills


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You don't keep anything from the Beta except your Soldier name. Says so on the official Beta page > second to last question on the right.

you will not keep anything from the BETA. The dogtag thing from BC2 was not intended as stated from the developers.

can we keep out unlocked personal dogtags? as A Remington 870 user, i've already gotten well over the 50 kills to get the customized personal tag.

That sucks... But, I'm glad at the same time. Some of these dudes are up to like level 30.....

I am sure that you will not keep any stats you get from the beta, including dog tags, since their is an achievement for getting your first tag that if you already had tags then this achievement would pop as soon as you played the final released game.


Obtain your first enemy Dog Tag

also other multiplayer achievements like ranked MVP

Is there a list in the stats somewhere of gamers who've given up their tags to you?  I looked around in Battlelog , but didn't find names of players  tags I've gotten.  Anybody know how to do this or is it even possible to see this yet?  I really like scrolling through the tag list in Bad Co 2 for knife kills every so often.

i really think you can keep them agian.. thought i did read it somewhere

The tags were the only things that you kept from the BFBC2 beta.