K/D in special forces team x???

I love the game so far. Seen some people complain about getting their level reset. Haven't had my level reset yet, but have only booted up the game 3-4 times. Think I'm level 13. One glitch I noticed is whenever I tried to set my sensitivity at 46-47 it would just switch to 45. It's not a major problem by any stretch, just found it strange is all(really isn't a problem because my sensitivity is much higher now. Also seen some vids with kids complaining about shot registration.....every single one of them flat out disregarded the clear bloom on weapons, smh. Is there any way to see you're k/d?? Don't remember the last game where I couldn't at least find my stats on the developers website. Just hope this game stays populated for a while, and I would like some updates n patches down the road. Random side-note: wish I signed on to see Gotham city impostors, nexuiz, and murder miners plastered all over the dashboard. Hate when my fave games are dead/on the way out.

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STX doesn't track k/d...


...and it's so much better for it. :)

Yes, thank god.  Its a great break from the stat machines that are modern shooters.  Finally a game where you can just jump in and play, run around like a mad man or try hard, it doesnt matter.  Whatever you did and however you did last round means nothing, just good old fashioned fun like the old days.  Personally I think stats have ruined shooters.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad about it. And I totally see where you guys are coming from. Nothing more annoying than winning a match, just to hear kids calling you terrible because their k/d is better. N 9 times outta 10 their w/l is well below 1. I just care about my w/l at the end of the day, just a really competitive person.  

I've been meaning to check it out, might just do that tonight.

I played the trial and it's pretty gun, a cross between rainbow 6 and gears of war with the graphics of borderlands, I just can't buy it for $15 though, if it goes on sale i'll get it though.

If you wait for a sale you might be disappointed, games like this that are almost strictly MP seem to die off after a couple months of release. A sale might revilatize the community a tad, but most won't stick around.

I wanted to get this game really bad, but Judge is true. And for that reason, I can not bring myself to buy it. Maybe if it turns out like 1943 and continually has decent numbers I will consider it.