Kalameet's Tail (AotA DLC)

Hey can you get his tail if you are helping as a summoned player in co-op? Or can you only get it on your personal playthrough?


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Only in your playthru.

thx red, i was afraid of that.....I killed him on the 2nd try....Killed him many many times w/ co-op but only cut the tail off once!

The best way I've found was to wait until he does the swoop attack.  Then roll sideways under the tail until he winds up to do his tail smash.  After the tail smash, the tail will be down for a good amount of time.  Run up and get some hits on it.  Hit it in the middle, not at the base where it connects to him.

one time i cut the tail off for the host, he messaged me upteen times saying 'ty ty tytytyty!!' he was really stoked to get that sword the tail makes, lol