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LMAO!!!! O.o Now people can we stop comparing lechoke with Jordan :D 0-2 in the finals Hahahahaha!!!! xD

yeah lebron is a future karl malone.....

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yeah lebron is a future karl malone.....



Karl Malone actually tried in the Finals.


Lebrick and malone r the only 2 players with 2 mvps and 2 nba finals series loses in the nba

Put the right pieces around James and the championships will come, doesn't look that way. I will take Dan Gilbert over James any day, Dan will not quit till he has a ring James is content with oh well we tried type of attitude. He didn't even seem that upset they lost. Iam hear by done will all the king talk, settle the NFL lockout and go Browns 8-8 here we come!

Miami will only get better and they got to the finals in the first year of the big 3. I hate Lebron but he will get multiple rings.

FK all this James yappidy yap. It's all about DIRK

hes never gonna get a ring if he keeps playing like that in the playoffs....teams dont play as hard in the regular season.....