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I was just wondering do you get anything for launching a MOAB. Title, emblem, anything other that just a great kill steak. Thanks


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Apparently there are challenges for it, but I don't know whether they unlock anything. Also, there's supposed to be one for five MOABs, I believe, but I have over five and never saw it.


I don't know. Curious :D

You get an awesome bloody sword emblem, with a cool title that reads "MOAB MONSTER"

You also get the realization that your a great COD player!

[quote user="COD 2 HALO"]

You also get the realization that your a great COD player!

[/quote] This and then some. That's the problem with this franchise. People are so concerned with how they look thru other peoples eyes. That's why K/D has become the do all, end all statistic in these games. Not to sound crass, but isn't the personal knowledge of getting 25 kills in a row (especially in this game) enough?

The only reason I asked is I got a Moab playing HC TDM, And the host dashdoarded out ending the game. Just wanted to know if I lost anything because of it.

Your team also gets 2x xp for launching it from what ive seen.

Moabs aren't that big a deal. I've only gotten one in pubs and several more in Infected, but like I said its no biggie. I don't think you get any titles or emblems considering I don't have them. All you get is xp and the feeling that you're the best CoD player! :P

I've gotten 2 in infected (launched them both then died right after) and earned another one right when the game ended.