Just when I thought I was rich.

Did the quest 'Deathbrand' and got the full armour set, the Soulrender and Bloodscythe Scimitars along with all the piles of gold, assorted gems, potions, and weapons in the treasure trove sealed room. Now I am shelling out 11,000 gold to fund an excavation into the Kolbjorn Barrow because the miners keep getting killed by Draugr. Ralis Sedarys assures me the investment will payoff though.


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Oh, it is a fun one.

It pays off in ways, but remember to search every nook and cranny each time it's excavated.

You get some worthy prizes out of this one, but you can miss them if you aren't careful.

And it's not over until you see the smoke from the mountain so stay on your toes. And also, remember my words of advice on Black books.

Thankfully I'm all about searching every nook and cranny. I haven't done this personally, but is definitely sounds interesting when the time comes.

I'm jumping ahead a bit but I'm sure I will see most the original content by the time I get my second character to Solstheim. The Dragonborn DLC is the best content in the game in my opinion. I just like to push endgame content earlier because the best is usually saved for last. I still like to make sure I search everywhere for hidden treasures though.

Yes, it is isn't it? But I always found that I wasn't ready to get the big rewards until I had already figured out how to do without. I don't remember using any loot or rewards and the best perks have to be earned the hard way. Of course, you can level the crafting and make yourself pretty invincible when you go out hunting for trouble. I found Dragonborn to be engrossing. There was lots to do and the new foes aka rieklings and ash spawn can be formidable if you are unprepared. A word to the wizards. You'll meet a lot of dunmer and they laugh at fire as do ash spawn but rieklings laugh at frost.

Yea jumping into the DLC just gives you some nice toys to tackle Skyrim on when you return. I have only done The Temple of Miraak so far though in the main Dragonborn storyline. *Spoiler Warning* Here's a bit of a sneak peek of that content I recorded.


Just got the 3rd letter from Ralis so time to go back to the excavation site again.

I'm not going to do the Dragonborn until I'm at a level or point of progress where I would have been if I had boughtthe DLC when it was released. That would be level level 70+ with most of the guilds completed and a fair amount of side/misc quests associated with the towns/cities completed.

I started a semi-new character, that is I revived her at level 5, to do Hearthfire and get ready for Dragonborn. I didn't get Dawnguard until recently though I kind of wish I had it for my archer since she had to keep running back to Solitude to buy arrows and she could have made her own. I don't think she ever finished the main Skyrim quest.

i need to start a new character and do this. i have 3 that i cheated through after my very first one got corrupted. luckily i had most of the cheevos already from it, but losing almost 200 hrs of gameplay SUCKED. also, after watching the hobbit, i really want to play oblivion. sadly its packed away, but im holding out for the elder scrolls anthology for PC :D mods, here i come lol

Yeah, I looked up the anthology, and it's actually a really good price, but I don't like PC gaming.

Been tempted to start a new Oblivion run myself, but I'm too deep into AC4 right now.

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