Just watched beta btb- are the BR & DMR gone as spawning weapons?

did 343 really remove the DMR and BR as starting primary weapons for Halo 5 multiplayer- so that you only spawn with an AR and pistol?  If the make the DMR/B.r become power weapons spread across the map that'd be pretty lame.  I hope I'm wrong but from the beta footage I watched, it appeared you spawn with an AR and pistol.


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I hope so but I doubt it.

I played the halo 5 beta a few months ago and that had BR starts.

I absolutely hate the MCC due to the forced BR starts you get due to the massively flawed voting system.

I would rather play the 360 versions of Halo than the MCC due to this.

So my hope is there is a choice of BR and non BR start playlists

I believe what you saw is true. Here is a quote from Quinn DelHoyo from: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2015/06/26/a-guided-tour-of-halo-5-guardians-newest-map-fathom-.aspx

“We took the starting load out seriously,” DelHoyo says. “We didn’t want people to start out with something lame so they couldn’t defend themselves, but we didn’t want them to be super powerful either. The assault rifle and magnum have been especially scrutinized. Our magnum has received a buff since the beta. The rate of fire has gone down, but the damage has gone up. If you miss a shot, you’re penalized a little bit, so we’re hoping that it will appeal to the skilled crowd. Meanwhile, the assault rifle has been given four extra rounds to each magazine, and those four bullets make a big difference in getting kills. So those two weapons have been super-tuned, and we feel like we have a load out that will be used by both the pro scene and the casual player.”

It looks like Halo 5 is going to be a true test for Halo fans' ability and desire to adapt. Here is a good place to discuss your concerns:  https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/6e35355aecdf4fd0acdaee3cc4156fd4/topics/looks-like-br-starts-is-getting-phased-out/761ba621-fab9-40b9-b92f-9dd0b5e75153/posts

The Waypoint forums are a place that 343i really monitors feedback. Even if they keep it the way it is now at least you would know for sure they have read your feedback. I know 343i is an affiliate of Xbox/MS, but these forums are one place I have never seen/read them mention as a place they keep up with the Halo community. Don't hesitate to check it out.

I've always hated the br and dmr starts. its annoying as hell to have someone kill you from all the way across the map with some assistance from an aimbotting program on a hacked console