Just the beginning?

Sorry for 2 post back to back but......  Is this just the start of things to come?  I don't hate companies for microtransactions.  Has EA set the bar for what is to come?


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doesn't bother me as it will probably be just like the microtransactions you see in freemium games on mobile platforms. stuff you can (optional) buy to get a leg up (similar to boosts in NHL) but you don't need to buy to complete the game.

I have never really minded micro-transactions before, but I think these companies will find a way to *** everyone off with them.

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I have never really minded micro-transactions before, but I think these companies will find a way to *** everyone off with them.

[/quote] I have no issue with it either but Like everything it's just going to be a point where a company will push too far. The sad part is people are stupid enough to givee them reasons to.

I honestly haven't experienced or even noticed this.

they did it wrong, surprised the game gets anyone buying anything like that.


right now BF3 is what I expect most games to be like, you can buy the game for $60 and have everything normal, or you can buy the game + "instant unlock packs" i you want... as long as the grind to get everything isn't terrible it's fine,


believe it or not most of the games coming out have micro transactions, forza horizon for example you could buy a map to get all the collectibles easily, BF3 has the instant unlock packs, and gears 3 has weapon skins. none of these significantly impact gameplay but allow fans to pay for bonuses that are cosmetic like in gears, or allows people to pay a bit more for less work but fans can easilly keep up or surpass them with a little dedication.

Thats blatent manipulation.

    I like competitive.  But Could you Imagine say Mortal Combat in the arcade.  What would you have done if you put in your 0.75$ and somebody walks up and puts in 1.50$ and gets two health bars?  I mean I'd like to think that I'd just win and prove that I'm good but lets face it those are terrible odds.

   Okay so this game in that article is a little different.  I played Grid,  Your damage during the race was deducted from your winnings.  If you really trashed the car you had to retire the race or take next to last.  Now if Grid told me I couldn't race for 2 hours after crashing that would suck.  I would be so mad if it then turned around and said for 2 dollars you can race again immediately.

    The problem is this game in question couldn't just up and say I'm worth 200$.  I't just can't say it.  200$ would actually get any racing game enthusiast a pile of great racing games to play and a controller for your friend to join in.  Buy the Bugatti now for only 20$, (crash) um yeah that'll be 2$.  NO THANKS.

I don't mind the short-cut packs.  Keep the content unlockable via game-play with the option to purchase, but keep the price reasonable.  $3-4 for a weapon skin is a little exorbitant.

MIcrotransaction to Xbox or Ubisoft? Yes, to EA? NO.