Just starting....

 Hi there,

  Just started playing this one.,(got late start to series & then took Hiatus from it for a while!),.

So I guess I have one question,(well ok I have several!), but the one I'm wondering about is , is this considered the best game in the franchise? It seems to be the best looking one so far.

  Other questions very, but alot of them arise from the way I rushed through brotherhood. & I rarely left the animus.



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This on is NOT the best one.

well then< which one is?

Everyone has different opinions. This one is rarely anyone's top choice.

Just play them all and decide which one you like the best.

Well of course I shall; I already have III on the hard drive, & I just finished Brotherhood.

 I was just curious. I'm quite busy, always, & don't have as much time to game as some. Or read alot of reviews & such.

,(Fatherhood will do that to you!),.,(lots of childrens' television!),.


I personally don't like Revelations because the minor changes to the control system, the way enemies fight so cheap, and the stupid extra VR animus crap.

Assassin's Creed II was a video game masterpiece, and I loved Brotherhood because it continued the style without any major changes to the format.

I don't know I liked the first one, ACII was fun I skipped Brotherhood and I going to play through  ACII R I find out for myself. I  am not so sure about ACIII, but Black flag looks good. I say AC!! would be my choice at this point.

You need to just try to find time to play them all, I like brotherhood myself but they are all great games.