Just started playing, not sure how to continue story?

Ok, so I just started this game the other day.  I am walking around, doing various missions as they come up, but all of the sudden the missions just stop.  I am not sure what to do.  I am still just a random citizen, no cloak or any weapons.  Cannot buy gear from the shops...  

Whats the catch?  How do I unlock the real part of this game? Its getting a bit old walking around, beating up guards.  Starting to get dejavu feeling from the first assassins creed game, in the way of repetitiveness.  

Any suggestions?


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Just keep following the map markers and proceed to the next mission.    Its pretty linear for this first chapter, dont want to spoil it but once you go thru the basic tutorials following your brother etc and speaking with everyone at your home then it picks up speed.   The plot gets going, areas open up and eventually you grab the assassins gear and from that point it doesnt slow down.   Check your mini-map, you should see a marker for your next mission, I dont remember the first parts detail even though I just started a few weeks ago but one thing I learned, mission markers are sometimes elevated (on the rooftops) and some are ground level.    Hope that helps, guessing you have missed the que for the next task/mission.

Keep on completing missions until eventually you will go back to your house and acquire your fathers Assassin robes.