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I don't know why but this is the first RPG I have the extreme desire to have a lot of different characters. Anyways, do any miracles do anything offensive, or are they all mostly passive, such as healing and homeward? Also, I have 2 talismans. Does this mean I have 2 attunement slots? Because I can't figure out how to attune more than one miracle.


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You get more attunement slots by leveling the Attunement stat. You then sit at a bonfire and hit Attune Magic. You can place miracles there. You can use either talisman, but after a certain point, one will be more powerful for offensive miracles than the other. You have Lightning Spears, Emit Force, Wrath of the Gods, Gravelord Sword Dance as your offensive miracles. A Cleric is more for support though.

Alright, so it looks like I will be helping a lot of people out with bosses! So far I haven't been summoned, but I have summoned others :/


Can't wait to get into the Sunbros covenant.