Just some sales/discounts/stuff Jan 11,2013

Actually haven't seen many good deals lately but I guess I'l post what I have seen

Some things are from the CAG forum because they are cool.


At bestbuy


today (11th) and tomorrow you can get medal of honor warfighter limited edition for $30..... yay....

Epic mickey 2 is $35... eh...

oh yea, double trade in values for your games so if you use their website to see what you will get, make sure you double it.


still at best buy

the 13th~19th looks a little better


Borderlands 2 is $30, which other then black friday prices is the best yet.


Forza horizon and sleeping dogs also comes in at $30, Note that forza horizon was on sale for $15 during black friday so if you want to trade it in do it now before the sale starts.


Here is a weird deal, Buy Devil may cry (for $60) and you can pick up resident evil 6 for $10, since I just finished RE6 I can say it is worth $10 by far, about 20 hours of campaign in co-op. but this means once again I would trade it in now before this happens, who knows how low the trade in will be come sunday.


Finally (still at best buy) there is a deal, but not 100% sure on what it will be, it says "buy any 1 select EA title, get $20 off; buy 2, get $50 off". the titles are

 Need for Speed Most Wanted>>>>>$59.99
 NCAA Football 13>>>>>$59.99
 Battlefield 3 Premium Edition>>>>>$59.99
 NHL 13>>>>>$59.99
Madden 13>>>>>$59.99
 FIFA 13>>>>>$59.99


But  will they price match? if so you can get a steal. even without price matches $70 for 2 games, if you wanted 1 game already pick up a 2nd for $10 and trade it in the next day.



Target, on the 13th~19th far cry 3, NBA 2k13, halo 4 will be $45, nothing special. blah


Gamestop, Halo 4 is $40 13th~ some time after that Idk. 


Super awesome best buy coupon section, this magazine should come in the 13th and last until early march I am gonna copy and paste CAG post on it because I am lazy and rather post that because it looks better.

$9.99 for Soul Calibur V on PS3 or X360(reg. version pictured)

$19.99 for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 on PS3
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Tiger+Wo...95117&st=tiger woods pga tour 13&lp=2&cp=1

$20 off FFXIII-2 PS3 or X360($20 AFTER COUPON)

$25 off Protoype 2 PS3 or X360($15 AFTER COUPON)

$15 off Zumba Fitness Core Wii or X360($25 AFTER COUPON)

$30 off Sony Pulse Wireless for PS3($120 AFTER COUPON)
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+P...767811&st=sony pulse&cp=1&lp=2 

$10 off X360 Wireless Controller with transfroming D pad($55 AFTER COUPON)
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Microsof...608094&st=xbox 360 controller&cp=1&lp=3 

$10 off any used game $29.99 & UP


the links appeared to have broken when I pasted, but I hate bestbuy links so not dealing, work for your sales.


So it looks like everyone who lives near a bestbuy should be getting prototype 2 sometime since it will only be $15. in comparison it's about $40 at gamestop


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if a mod wants to remove the links to not xbox stuff go ahead i'm not messing with it please don't break my formatting it is bad enough.

I can't speak for any mods, but any thread that points gamers towards cheap games is good with me!

Maybe ill look into Sleeping Dogs. A bit tired of FPS

there is a demo for sleeping dogs, I kinda liked it but kinda didn't at the same time.

I think im gonna wait and try and get it cheaper.

Nice although i would hate myself forever for picking up another DMC game it would be worth it to get RE6 for 10 bucks...that Tiger Woods 13 deal stuck out in my mind to but it says PS3 so that cancels me out plus they would have shut down the servers on me after a couple months like they did TW 2010

it's ps3 only by some people have reported success convincing managers to let them to things on other systems as well. but it's on a case by case basis. idk if buying DmC is worth buying just to get RE6 but if anyone planned on getting DmC you might as well get it at best buy for the 2nd cheap game.

More Nigerian scammers on Xbox.com. Come on, keep it secure, Xbox Staff.


Hitman and Sleeping dogs are both under £20.

Couple of good deals there. Cheers for posting!

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