Just set up my new Gears 3 limited edition 360, and the disc drive rattles and vibrates internally.

So its about 2 am and I get my 360 home and go through the setup, recover my account and pop in Gears 3 and the disc drive is rattling pretty loud. If I put a finger on the disc door and apply a small amount of pressure it gets a lot quieter and doesn't make any noise. But as soon as I take my finger off of the drive, it starts to rattle something inside as the disc is spinning. Now, I'm a little bit annoyed as I've been without a 360 since March and I'm sure getting this resolved is going to be a customer service nightmare.

I don't want to play too much because, assuming I have to return the console I'm going to lose all my saved game progress. The store(Gamestop) is closed, and I don't know what their policy on something like this is anyway. Who knows how many of these things they have lying around.


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i'd say send it in to MS... gamestop has a 30 day refund policy for defective merchandise.

MS can actually fix it and it's actually pretty simple to get a shipping label from xbox.com...

just as long as there isn't any signatures on it....they do clean your 360 when it's sent in, and someone who did that with the special Bungie signed H3 360 sent it in and got all the sigs wiped off...

I'm sorry to hear this. Sounds like the disc drive isn't even secured into place... I wouldn't trust it to not damage or even destroy a disc.

Ive had a few consoles repaired by MS and I'm not going to wait a month to have them repair this one by sending me another. Knowing my luck, they would send me a regular 360 and try to call it even. I'm just going to try to get some sleep and call Gamestop back in the morning and hope that they have an extra one they can swap mine out with. Just sucks that its not but a few hours old and already I've hit a snag. Xbox number 9 = fail:(

Take that *** back, I would not mess with an RMA. if the store you bought from does not have a replacement, have them find one for you at another store!

Most definitely do not send it for repair. It is the shop's responsibility; I don't see you having any issues.

Incidentally you can't backup the save file, so don't play the game and think you can save it for your next console!  

Just wait and take it back to gamestop.

I'd be at the Gamestop door as soon as it opened. Not everyone picked up their preorders at midnight....

not sure gamestop would have one on hand. They are known just ordering for the pre-orders. And they can't give you some one else's reserved pre-order till 48 hrs if person did not pick it up. Either way I think you might be waiting till they can get you one.

i know how you feel my 2 fats died on me about 20+ times got tired sold them then the slim came out no problems so far plus got a ps3 with it to

[quote user="TerracottaTroll"]

Incidentally you can't backup the save file, so don't play the game and think you can save it for your next console!  

[/quote]he could always swap out the HDDs...