Just Lost my game save after buying the premium pack

I was half way through the campaign! Been playing lots online with my bro we both decided to upgrade to the premium pack, and both lost our game saves. Looks like it cost us more than the money we paid! :(


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I didn't have any issues with BF4 multiplayer until the day after I upgraded to premium.  Kind of weird.

I wonder if this problem is xb1 specific or if ps3 and 360 ppl have had the same issue.

hey man....BF4 is the gift that keeps on giving ....thats a premium perk, getting to replay the SP campaign from the beginning over and over

I don't understand why the first few days I played it, the game ran smooth as butter.  Now after purchasing premium I have trouble getting in matches, staying in matches and I'm getting weird teleportation lag.  It's weird how games like call of duty receive hate on lag and matchmaking when its biggest competitor is so far behind.   Why doesn't bf have a party system....that's 2006 stuff.

I don't believe it, its only done it again. I had a stint and got to the 5th mission on campaign, had a blast for a few days on MP come back to single player and its gone again. Will I ever get to finish the single player campaign!! argggh :(

So I raised a support Chat with EA not a helpful answer.


Thanks for contacting EA Customer Experience, my name is Rodolfo. How may I assist you today?


Since upgrading to premium and installing china rising and 2nd assault I have lost my single player game save, this has now happened twice. I am on the Xbox one. This also happened to my brother on his console.


I'm sorry to hear that. I would be happy to check on this for you. May I know your first name and your email please?


Yeah my name is  email is reanim8ted@ if it helps my Xbox one gamer tag is ReAnim8ted


Thank you . I checked on my end and I see that there is not patch that was released regarding this issue. To be honest with you, there's a lot of players using consoles are affected with this issue.


Our Studio team and devs are still working on this matter ever since the game was released.


Yeah I have noticed that myself so sounds like no point playing single player until a patch is out that will fix the problem. :(


Yeah, I'm sorry about that. We never had this issue with Battlefield 3 before, don't worry, our team is doing their best to fix major issues in this game. Anyway, can I help you with anything else in the meantime?


No that's it thank you. I am sure you can appreciate as a gamer that this is very frustrating, for us specially as the game has been out for 2 months now. Thanks anyways.

I finally went back and got all the SP achievements. Did it in two sittings to make sure nothing got deleted this time. Was nervous the whole time though!!

I had to finish it in one sitting since I'd lost my save 5!! Times. For the most part for me the issues I'd been experiencing are no more. To the point I'd finally decided yesterday I was gonna finally spend the extra money to get premium but once again I'm wondering if it's worth the extra money if people are having issues after getting it. I miss bad co 2. Wtf