Just killed 4 arties - so rewarding to finally get Dumitru's medal

Still waiting for 5 arties for chance at Burda medal. It's so much fun sneaking around the flank in my tank destroyer. I'm up to 18 Pascucci's medals  (kill 3 artie).


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Thank you. Wow  last night saw 5 arties in a match on Karelia, first time in over 5k + games. I'm bottom tier in my S35. We slaughter the over team. It comes down to 5 arties left and 1 T7 tank destroyer who is doing a good job protecting the arties. I'm trying like mad to set up a sniper position to see them on the base ridge. I get them in my sights, kill 2, I'm sweating like crazy then my team finishes off the others. Dang it so close.