Just imagine it...............

Ok, so we all know that Bethsda's been making fallout and oblivion. and both uses the same engines. Skyrim has a whole new engine built from the ground up and scrapped the old engine. 


Now with Skyrim looking the way it looks now......................Can you imagine how the next fallout will look???


I mean, just think about it.


S**t is making my head spin. Its going to look SOOOOO friggin good and I hope it will play just as good. I'm even more excited for skyrim than I am for Mass Effect 3 right now. And I liked fallout better than elder scrolls, so my exictement for the next fallout will ten fold my excitement for skyrim.


Just thinking about all the stuff they crammed in fallout with that old beaten up bug and glitch filled engine and how great it was even with all the problems, has my brain on lock down trying to just imagine what they will do with the next fallout with this new engine. MAN OH MAN.


Skyrim and the next fallout could be like some of the best games of all time.


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Even though it would use the same engine, I don't think the next Fallout will look as "pretty" as Skyrim. My reason behind saying this is that there are no visual elements such as trees, grass, and not a whole lot of water. So they better make that sand look amazing hahaha!  It will look good yes, but not "as" good as Skyrim. And I'm with you bro, I am super excited over ME3 and Skyrim!

You talk about Fallout and Skyrim and bring up Mass Effect? WTF..... VideoGame industry is getting worst and the FanBoys too.