just how far?

How far is aim assist supposed to help you? Theres been a few times in kill cam where I watch someones rifle not just nudge to where I am...but actually follow me inside the builing as I ran downstairs..planted a claymore...ran back up...fire at sopmoen out the other end of the building...then to the balcony where I was comming out where he kills me. Even though there is no way he can see me he follows the movements percfectly.

There has also been time where I watch people actually following peoples movement who are underground comming up nearby passages. Seems like the are able to see through the ground.


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Only a few times I've noticed aim assist kick in for me....usually it's tracking someone I didn't notice across the map.  Most of the time I've already aimed and fired before it does anything.  

Trust me, it's there more than you know it. Next time, aim at someone that is running away from you or across the screen and let go of the right stick and see how much the aim assist moves before it kicks out. Or go into a private match and have a friend on the other team run circles around you... you screen will spin without you doing anything.

If they had Marksman on, it may have shown your ID through windows or penetrable surfaces.

It helps me kill the person hiding in the shrubs or bushes.  I'm not complaining, lol.

Yeah sometimes I will be running around and only notice a camper because of the sticky aim, helped me a few times.